Best practices when charging and storing your Veo Cam 2

This article provides best practices for battery charging and storing your Veo Cam 2.



We highly advise you to follow these recommendations to extend the life and performance of the Veo Cam 2 battery:

  • Always use the charger we provided with your Veo Cam 2 If you don’t have your charger and need to use a different one, consider that it must be a USB-C PD (fast charging technology) charger and anything between 45W and 90W is allowed. Avoid using phone chargers, as these don’t hold enough power (and voltage) to charge the Veo Cam 2 properly.


  • Charge and store at room temperature, ideally at 20° C (68° F)


  • Avoid storing or charging the camera in humid places. If the camera is wet, wait for it to be completely dry before plugging it in to charge.


  • In storage, the battery will self-discharge at a small rate. To ensure you have enough power to record and/or livestream your game, we recommend charging the Veo Cam 2 the day before or even the same day of the match you need to record.


  • If you plan to store your camera for an extended period (in between seasons, for example), charge the battery to 100% once a month; this will help to extend the longevity of your Veo Cam 2 battery.


To react quickly, monitor itself, and always be ready for action, the Veo Cam 2 is programmed to always be in standby mode.


What does this mean? once you are done using the camera, you press the power button for a couple of seconds to turn it off, right? In reality, the camera is entering standby mode, so the next time you need to use the camera, it will not take long to turn on.


Please note that it is not possible to turn off the camera completely. By keeping the Veo Cam 2 in standby mode, we can monitor the situation in case there are issues with the camera.


How does this affect the charge on the battery? as mentioned, the camera is always working by being in standby mode, and combined with the use of complex components inside the camera, it is expected that the battery will lose charge even if you are not using the Veo Cam 2.

We advise you to always check your Veo Cam 2 battery level before any game that you need to record; learn more about the battery level in this article Veo Cam 2 indicator lights

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