How to share a video with a League Exchange from your Veo account

This article will show you how to share Veo recordings to a League Exchange.



When you are a member of a League Exchange and you have an admin or editor role within the League, you can share your Veo recordings directly from your Veo account.


To share your Veo recordings, follow the next steps:


1. Click on the three dots on the right side of the video and select share with League.



2. A new window will open; before publishing the recording to the League Exchange, you will need to select:

  • Name of the League
  • Home team
  • Away team
  • Score
  • Date of the match


The teams you select will be shown as the match title in the League exchange.


Once everything is ready, you can Publish your video to the League Exchange, where all the League members will be able to watch it. 

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