How to remove a live stream from the Veo Live app

This article will show you how to remove a Livestream from the Veo Live app.



To remove a Livestream, you will need to be a Club Admin.

The feature is available for both iOS and Android.


Here's How to do it: 


1. Open the Veo Live app


2. Go to profile and find the option Stream management




2. You will find all the visible live streams under the Visible section




3. Under Visible, find the live stream you want to remove, and swipe left to remove/hide




4. Wait a couple of seconds, and the stream will appear under Removed.


If the stream was removed by mistake and you wish to restore it, simply go to the removed section and repeat the steps (swipe left) it will be moved back to the visible section.


If you don't see the option Stream management, you don't have permission to do it. Remember you need to be Club Admin for this.

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