Quick start: Live stream with Veo Cam 2 via wi-fi connection


This article shows you the quick steps to connect your Veo Cam 2 to a wi-fi hotspot and Live stream your football matches.


Make sure that your Veo Cam 2 and the Veo Camera app run on the latest software available. Visit this article Software updates to check the latest software version.


To Live stream via wi-fi, follow these steps:

1. Make sure there is a stable and fast upload speed from the wifi-network you wish to connect to.

2. Set the Veo Cam 2 on the tripod.

3. Turn your camera on and raise the tripod to the max-height.

4. Open the Veo Camera app on your device and connect to your Veo Cam 2.

5. Go to the camera settings to connect to the wi-fi network. Check this article to learn how to connect to the wi-fi How to connect your Veo Cam 2 to a Wi-fi network

6. Once connected to your preferred wi-fi network, go to the camera preview, make sure the camera shows the internet connection icon in the top left corner and that you can clearly see the 4 corners of the pitch

7. Click on the Record + Livestream option and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the live match


To read the complete guide on Live-streaming with Veo Cam 2 via Wi-fi, visit the following article

Live-Streaming with Veo Cam 2 using a wi-fi network connection

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