How to connect your Veo Cam 2 to a Wi-fi network


This article shows you how to connect your Veo Cam 2 to a Wi-Fi hotspot to Live-stream your games,  upload your videos to the Veo platform, and update your Veo Cam 2 software version.

Make sure that your Veo Cam 2 and the Veo Camera app run on the latest software available. Visit this article Software updates to check the latest software version.

For iOS
  1. Connect to your Veo Cam 2 with the Veo Camera app.
  2. Once connected to the Veo Cam, tap on Settings in the top right corner.
    Settings iOS.png
  3. Now tap on Connection.
    iOS connections.png
  4. Select WiFi connection.
    iOS wifi connection.png
  5. Choose from the list of available networks.
  6. Type the password and connect.
    Type wifi password.png
  7. Once connected, check that the camera has internet access. Tap on the arrow to see the details, you should see Camera Connection: WiFi.
    check details.pngwifi live.png


You can now Live stream your games, upload your videos to the Veo platform and update your Veo Cam 2 software version via Wi-Fi.

For Android

1. Once connected to the camera, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.




2. Go to Camera settings.

3. Scroll down and go to Internet service.

4. Tap on the option Network connection.

5. You will have the option to add new network; click the + sign.

setting_to_connect.gif6. Now you will see a list of nearby networks.

7. Select your preferred Wi-Fi network and enter the password.

8. When the connection is successful, you will see a checkmark next to the wi-fi name under My networks



Using your mobile phone as a hotspot:


If you're using an Android device to connect to your Veo Cam 2, you can use the same phone to both control the camera and create a hotspot for internet access. 


This means you won't need an additional device. To do this, turn on the hotspot feature on your Android device, connect your Veo Cam 2 to the phone's hotspot network following the same steps above, and you're all set.

To ensure a smooth live-streaming experience, ensure that you have enough data available. We recommend reaching out to your phone provider to discuss your data plan and ensure you have a minimum of 8Mbps upload speed and 8GB of data per match. Adequate data availability is key to a high-quality stream.


Once connected to the Wi-Fi/hotspot, you will see this icon on the top left corner of the camera preview:




You can now Live stream your games and upload your videos to the Veo platform via Wi-Fi.

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