Troubleshoot: Live-stream with Veo Cam 2



How to troubleshoot different issues you could experience when live-streaming with Veo Cam 2.


This article shows you what to do if you experience issues when setting up a live stream of your games.



1. You can’t select the correct team when starting a live stream

Issue: You’re able to start and stop live streams but not select the correct team. This could be caused by one of the following issues:

  • Your Veo account is not associated with the correct team.
  • You have logged into the Veo Camera app with the wrong Veo account.


  1. Ensure that your club admin has associated you with the right teams on
  2. Disconnect from the camera and go into “Settings” in the Veo Camera app. Here, you can see in which account you are logged in.
  3. Log out and log in again.


2. The “Record + Live-stream” button has disappeared from the camera’s preview

Issue: You are connected to the camera and can see the preview, but the option to record and live-stream is not visible.


  1. This could be caused by a failure in the communication between the Veo Cam 2 and the Veo Camera app. Disconnecting and closing the Veo Camera app and reconnecting should solve the problem.
  2. Make sure you have an active live-streaming add-on to your Veo subscription.


3. You can’t start a live stream because of insufficient internet connection

Issue: It’s not possible for you to start the live stream due to issues with the internet.


  1. Check that the camera has an internet connection by looking for the icon in the top left corner when connected via the Veo Camera app. If the camera has internet access, the icon should look like one of the following:

    eth.png                 4G.png               
  2. If the Veo Cam 2 indicates that it has an internet connection, but the live streams never show up in Veo Live, it is most likely because the camera has some internet connection but not a strong enough internet connection to handle a live stream.


A weak internet connection can also affect a live stream that has already started. If the Veo Cam 2 loses the internet connection for more than 5 minutes, the live stream will automatically stop.


4. The live stream on Veo Live is completely black

Issue: The output stream on Veo Live shows an entirely black image.


This is caused because the AI is having problems identifying the pitch and action. It will almost never happen in real match scenarios where either the AI or you have selected and confirmed the corners on the pitch. You might encounter this issue if you start live streams from, for example, your home or in an office environment.

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