Troubleshoot stuck uploads from Veo Cam 2


If you are having trouble uploading recordings from your Veo Cam 2 to the Veo platform, read this article as it will guide you through some troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.



If you notice that when you try to upload a recording, nothing seems to happen, follow the next steps:


1. Check your internet connection; a slow or unstable internet connection can cause problems with uploading recordings. Make sure that your internet connection is fast and stable. Feel free to measure your internet speed here, and remember, the important thing to check is the upload speed.


2. Verify your Veo Cam 2 is running on the latest software version available; you can learn more on how to do it here: Update your Veo Cam 2 software version


3. Make sure you have registered your Veo Cam 2 to your Club in the Veo platform. If the camera is not registered, it will not know where the file must go, causing it to stop the upload process.


4. If you're trying to upload a recording from a public network, like a school, hotel or office, a firewall might stop it from uploading. In this case, have a chat with the IT person who manages the network and ask them to add these to the firewall settings:

  • (port 443).
  • (port 443).
  • (port 443).

5. Lastly, we could be having some internal problems that might be impacting the uploads. To check if this is the case, head over to our Status Page at


These steps should help most users resolve issues uploading recordings to the Veo platform.

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