FAQ: Live-streaming with Veo Cam 2


In this article, you can find the most common questions and answers to the new Veo live-streaming with Veo Cam 2.



Why is the team I am trying to choose not available in the “Select teams” list when setting up the live stream?

You can only select teams associated with your Veo Account. To live-stream from other teams ask an admin to add you to the team → Go back into the Veo Camera app → Log out and log in again → Connect to the camera, and now you should be able to select the team to start the live stream.

Why do I need to select corners before starting a live stream?
Veo’s AI needs to know the corners of a pitch to follow the action. Most of the time, the AI can set the corners themselves, but it might need your help once in a while to validate the corners are correctly selected.
Can I live-stream other sports than football (soccer)?
The live-streaming feature has been built for football, so you can expect great performance and support for this sport. However, we have seen many clubs using it for other sports, such as lacrosse, rugby, handball, basketball, Gaelic football, netball, American football, etc, and getting great results.

We encourage you to go to the Live app and search for the sport you're interested in; there's a good chance you'll find something to asses the quality.

What happens if the live stream is stopped?
If the camera loses internet access for more than 5 minutes, the live stream will stop by default. However, the Veo Cam 2 will continue to record, so you will always have the full recording to upload to the Veo platform.
Can I delete a Live stream?
Yes, if you are a Club admin, you can remove live-streams using the Stream Management in the Profile section of the Veo Live app. To learn more visit the following article How to remove a live stream from the Veo Live app
How much data do I need to live stream?
If you are not sure how much data you need to live stream, we recommend you to visit our site welcome.veo.co, here you will find a calculator that can help you. You will enter the number of games you expect to live stream every month and the required data plans will be suggested.
How can I connect to the internet to Live-stream with Veo Cam 2?
You can connect your camera to the internet via nano SIM-card with a 4G data plan and you also have the option to connect your Veo Cam 2 to a Wi-fi network.
Can the live stream be pushed to other streaming platforms?
Yes, you can now find the option to add streaming destinations under Veo Live in your Veo account. This means that you can stream to a destination other than the Veo Live app. Find more information in this article About External Streaming Destinations
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