How to upload recordings with a Veo Cam 2



This article will guide you through uploading your videos from the Veo Cam 2 to the Veo platform.



Once you finish recording your games, they will be stored in your Veo Cam 2.
The next step is to upload the videos to the Veo platform and get them processed to add all the features Veo offers.


The camera will automatically start uploading your recordings as soon as it is connected to the internet. For this, you don't need to connect to your camera through the app.


1. Connect the camera to the internet via wi-fi:

Check this article to learn How to connect your Veo Cam 2 to a Wi-fi network, once the connection is established, your stored videos will automatically start uploading to the Veo platform.


2. Connect the camera to the internet via ethernet cable:

When the camera is connected to the internet with an ethernet cable and the dongle, the green and orange lights in the dongle port should light up or blink.

Note:  the ethernet cable and the Ethernet to USB-C adapter are not included in the package.



See upload percentage ( progress) in the Veo Camera app

If you want to check the progress of your upload, you can follow the next steps:

  • Connect to your Veo Cam 2 with the Veo Camera app.
  • Tap on the menu (three dots) in the top right corner.
  • Tap “Recordings”.
  • Select the “Uploading” tab and follow the percentage( progress) as the recordings are being uploaded. You will also see "Ready for upload" recordings here.


Note: If there is an upload that is stuck in the camera and needs to be uploaded to the platform, you can go to recordings list>Ready to upload> click on upload button.  It will trigger the upload. 


What you will see on your Veo Cam 2 while uploading:

When a Veo Cam 2 is uploading, the indicator lights will light up as follows:



  • First LED is solid.
  • Second LED is blinking.
  • 3-5 LEDs indicate the battery status.

Once uploaded, the video will appear on your club’s page.

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