FAQ: 4G SIM card connection for Veo Cam 2

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In this article, you can find the most common questions and answers regarding the 4G nano SIM card connection needed for the Veo Cam 2.


How fast should the 4G internet connection be to live-stream a football match?

Live-streaming requires a minimum of 6 to 7 mbps in upload speed to stream.

How fast is the 4G internet connection?
The coverage of your data provider determines this, and it’s not something the Veo Cam 2 can control.
Can I choose any data provider I want?
Visit this article: Data providers for Veo Cam 2 to learn more about carriers that people have used to live-stream with Veo Cam 2.
How can I validate whether a given data provider can offer sufficient data coverage?
Most data providers provide interactive maps or similar services for users to check coverage in their local area. There is, however, no tool that we at Veo can offer you to help validate it.
Does Veo Cam 2 work with 5G data plans?
The Veo Cam 2 is compatible with 4G technology, however, you can purchase a 5G SIM card as these also work with 4G
The SIM card has a pin code. What should I do?
The Veo Cam 2 does not support input for PIN codes. Please make sure with your carrier that the PIN is deactivated before inserting it on the Veo Cam 2.
What data plan should I get?
Ask your data provider for a data-only plan when buying a SIM card for your Veo Cam 2. Avoid plans that include service for calls and messages, and look for plans offered for tablets, wireless routers, and similar.
How do I activate the data plan?
It varies from carrier to carrier. Buying a data plan in a physical store can be an advantage as the staff can help activate and set up the device.
The carrier I want to use requires an IMEI number. What should I do?
You can now easily locate the IMEI number of your Veo Cam 2. To learn more on how to do it, please visit this article How to find the IMEI number of your Veo Cam 2
Can I upload recordings to my Veo Clubhouse using the internet connection from the SIM card?
No, it’s not currently possible. We recommend using an ethernet cable or WiFi connection to upload recordings.
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