How to watch a Veo Live stream

This article shows you how you can easily watch a Live stream through the Veo Live app.



Whenever a Club you follow on the Live app starts a Live stream, you will get a notification on your device so you can go straight to the action in the Live App.


Watching a Live stream:

  1. Every time one of the Clubs you are following starts a Live stream, you will get a notification on the Live app.

  2. When opening the notification, you will be directed to the Match Overview screen where you can see more details about the match, watch Moments (if they have been added) or watch the full match. From this page, you can also cast the match to bigger screens or share the match with others.


    Match overview - live.png


    The Veo Live app allows you to zoom in and out when watching a live stream. Just pinch the video player on your mobile, and you can zoom in on the action.


  3. When a live stream has ended, it will be available on your Recent Matches list after 5 minutes. Notice that at the moment, only 20 previously streamed matches from clubs you follow will be available.

If you can’t find a match that was previously on the list, you could temporarily unfollow some clubs in order to get back previously available matches.


Sharing a Live stream link

When you access a live stream, it is also possible to share the link to the match with others.


To share a link just go to the Match Overview screen and look for this icon on the top right corner of the screen



You will get a shareable link to send. This link can be open in both smartphones and computers.


When opening the link, already registered users will be taken straight to the match’s overview screen.


For anyone that hasn’t yet installed the app and registered, they will be instructed to do it first, right after that, they should also be directed straight to the match’s preview screen.


You can now enjoy all the action even if you can’t be there.


Never miss a moment with Veo’s Live app!

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