The live stream has been disconnected

Did the Live stream suddenly disconnect?


If you are experiencing this issue, learn more about it here:


Firstly, it is possible that the Livestream was stopped by the Veo Cam 2 user on purpose.

If a live stream disconnects for any reason, we will try to reconnect for a 5-minute window which would result in the same livestream being reactivated.

If the live stream is restarted after 5 minutes, it will be recognized as a completely new livestream. This means a new notification will be sent out to followers and new sharing links should be sent.


If it’s not possible to reconnect the livestream it is highly possible the camera doesn’t have a good internet connection to support the stream.


If there is an issue with the live stream, please report it to us.

To report the issue, please use the Report Issue function using the ( ! ) icon when viewing the video player.

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