Troubleshoot connectivity issues with the Android Veo Camera app and your Veo Cam 1



Are you experiencing issues trying to connect the Android Veo Camera app to your Veo Cam 1?


This article shows you some actions you can take to troubleshoot the app if you are having a hard time connecting to your Veo Cam 1.



Step 1: Make sure the app settings are correct

When you try to connect to a Veo Cam 1, you will see a screen requesting permission for the following:

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-fi
  • Location Service

Make sure all are allowed, you can also go to your phone settings, look for the Veo app and allow the permissions there.


Step 2: Connect to Veo Cam 1 WiFi outside of the Veo Camera App

Sometimes the app needs a bit of help connecting to the camera's WiFi hotspot. Try the following:

  • Exit the Veo Camera App
  • Open “Phone Settings” and select “WiFi”
  • Find the WiFi for the camera (called VEOCAM-XXXX) and connect to it using the password “kickoff!”
  • Reopen the Veo Camera App and try to connect to the camera again.


Step 3: Disable other networks connections on your Android device

Sometimes the connectivity issue might be caused by other conflicting networks on your Android device, for this try the following:

  • Close the Veo Camera app
  • Put your phone in Airplane mode
  • Open the Veo Camera App and try to connect again.


Step 4: Reset your network settings

If you keep experiencing issues please try resetting your device’s network settings. This should be used as a last resort as it will delete all stored WiFis on your device, which means you will need to manually reconnect your phone to all your saved WiFis.

In order to reset the network settings follow the next steps:

  1. Go to your device’s Settings
  2. Open the System option
  3. Select reset options
  4. Now tap on Reset wifi, mobile, and Bluetooth
  5. Click on Reset settings
  6. Open the Veo Camera app and connect

*This step might look different depending on the device you are using, we advise you to do a quick Google search on how to Reset the Network Settings on your specific device.


Step 5: Use the web app as a fallback

If the previous steps don't work, the last available option is to use the web app. For this do the following:

  • Open “Phone Settings” and tab on “WiFi”
  • Find the WiFi for the camera (called VEOCAM-XXXX) and connect to it using the password “kickoff!”
  • Open your internet browser and visit
  • The user should now be able to interact with the camera


Hopefully, this will help you solve the connectivity issues you might experience between your Veo Cam 1 and your Android device.

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