Move a Veo Cam 1 to a different club


This article shows you how we can help you move a Veo Cam 1 from one Club to another.

For this, you will need to contact our Support team and have some information ready.



There are some scenarios where a Veo Cam may have to be moved from one club to another. A few examples: you sold your camera, and the new owner wants to register it, you changed clubs, or you loan the Veo Cam to someone who belongs to another club.


This change, however, can’t be done by yourself. We will be more than happy to assist you with moving the camera to a different club.


To help you with this change, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through the following form and select:

  1. Subscriptions
  2. Move the ownership of camera

Provide us with the requested information, and we will move the Veo Cam 1 for you.


Please note that videos will not be automatically moved to the new club. If you also need videos to be transferred, please provide the links to the recordings.

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