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In this article, you can find the most common customer questions and answers for Veo Cam 1.


Can I Live-stream with a Veo Cam 1?

No, only the Veo Cam 2 has the option to Live-stream a game.


Is the Veo Cam waterproof?

The Veo Cam 1 has an IP rating of IP54, this means the Veo Cam 1 is water-resistant and not waterproof. The Veo Cam can withstand light rains and some splashes. Please do not expose the camera to excessive rain and always make sure the rubber covers are properly closed.


What quality is the camera recording?

The output of the recording is in 4K, however, after the video is processed, the resolution gets lowered to 1080p HD due to zooming and panning being added to follow the action on the pitch (more zoom means fewer pixels per frame). Another reason why the resolution is lowered is that we need to optimize the recordings for browser view since it wouldn’t be possible to watch two 4K recordings at the same time in the browser.


Can I remove the sound from a video?

It is currently not possible to remove the sound of a recording. At the moment, each viewer can choose whether or not to play the recording with sound with the mute/unmute option on the video controller bar.


I recorded 2 games together by mistake, can I separate them?

It is not possible to separate the videos on the Veo Video Editor. A workaround we can suggest is downloading the video and using an external video editor to separate the videos. However, it is not possible to upload the videos to the Veo platform after.


Can I record and charge the Veo Cam 1 at the same time?

No, it is not possible to record and charge the Veo Cam 1 at the same time.


Why does my Veo Cam 1 show “No internet connection”?

Whenever you connect to your Veo Cam’s wifi, and you see the message “no internet connection”, this is normal as the camera’s wifi doesn’t provide internet access. The camera’s wifi is used as the way to connect your mobile device to the Veo Cam, you should be able to connect without any issues even if you see this message.

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