How to check if your Veo Cam 1 is connected to the internet.



This article shows you how to verify if your Veo Cam 1 is correctly connected to the internet.



Some actions require the Veo Cam to be connected to the internet:

  • Uploading a recording
  • Upgrading the camera’s software version

If you are unsure your Veo Cam 1 is connected to the internet to upload a game or to upgrade the software, follow the checklist:


1. Ensure you are connected to a stable internet network.

2. Turn the camera on. The green light next to the power on-button should blink for some seconds and then turn solid green.


3. Now, connect the camera to the internet with an ethernet cable, the lights in the camera’s ethernet port (green and orange) should turn on.

When the Veo Cam is connected to the internet, the green light next to the power-on button should turn solid white.


4. If everything goes according to the checklist, your camera is online, and the white light should blink while updating, uploading, or both.

If not, please try with another ethernet port connection.

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