How to reboot your Veo Cam 1.



This article will show you how to easily reboot your Veo Cam 1.



Veo is made to be used in the real world, and in the real world, unfortunately, it is possible from time to time that you will experience an issue with your Veo Cam 1.

Luckily, you can take some actions on your end to fix them.


How to reboot the Veo Cam 1:

  1. Charge the camera to ensure the battery is full and warmed up.
  2. Turn the camera on and wait 1 minute. (if the camera is not turning on you can skip to step 3)
  3. Now hold press the power button for 20 seconds to force a reboot.

  4. Turn the camera on, connect, and check if the issue has been fixed.


What issues could be solved with a reboot?

  • Missing preview, when trying to record
  • Internal Server error when trying to record
  • There’s a wrong date and time on your recordings
  • The camera displays there’s a problem with the SD card
  • The Veo Cam 1 is not turning on
  • There’s a stuck upload in the Veo Cam 1

What issues can’t be solved with a reboot?

  • The Veo Cam fell, got hit, or is broken
  • The Veo Cam isn’t charging properly
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