Set up your tripod (7 meter / 23 feet)



This article shows you a quick guide on how to easily set up your 7 meter tripod.


Follow these easy-to-follow instructions to prepare your tripod.


1. You can find the lower part of a quick-release plate in the box. Fasten it to the tripod - you can leave it there from now on.



2. Unlock the release plate by pushing the golden metallic lever up. Now push the grey plastic lever up as well.



3. Attach the Veo Cam to the release plate. The grey lever will click and go back to the closed position.



4. Now, push the golden metallic lever back to lock it.




5. Turn your Veo Cam on and connect to it, but do not start the recording yet. Now raise the tripod to the maximum height, and confirm it is aligned with the centerline. Make sure you see all corners on the preview and adjust the tripod if necessary for better alignment with the centerline. 

You are ready to start your recording now!


In this video, you can see a demonstration of how to set up your 7 meter / 23 feet tripod



Setting up the wind stabilizing kit

We highly recommend attaching the wind stabilizing kit to the 7 Meter tripod to keep the camera from swaying while recording. We have made it as easy and simple to set up as possible.

  • Attach all three strings to the top of the tripod with the carabiner.
  • Push the plugs into the ground on an angle leaning away from the tripod.
  • Loop the rope around the plug.
  • Tighten the rope with the metal latch evenly on all three.
  • Take some steps back and ensure the tripod is upright.

Following these steps will keep your camera as safe as possible and offer a more pleasant viewing experience.

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