Connect your Veo Cam 1 to the iOS Veo Camera app



In this article, you will learn how to connect to your camera through the iOS Veo Camera app to start recording and getting access to Veo’s great features.



First off, you need to download the app.


Once you have the iOS Veo Camera app ready, follow the next steps:


1. Make sure both Bluetooth and WiFi are turned on in the settings on your phone

👉🏻 Please note that the camera does not need to be connected with the ethernet cable.


2. Open the app and agree to the Terms of Use when prompted by clicking Continue

3. Choose whether or not you would like to send personalization data to Veo when using the app


4. The app will automatically display a list of nearby cameras – choose from the list which one you would like to connect to and hit Connect

5. Enter the camera password – found on the bottom of the camera – when prompted and click Connect

Once this step is done, an iOS notification will appear asking you to accept the connection; click Accept and you are now connected.



Connecting manually to your Veo Cam

If the Veo Cam does not appear in the list, you can connect to it manually, following the next steps:


1. Make sure the camera is turned on, and the indicator light is showing a solid green light


2. Click on Set up manually

3. Enter the camera number and the password both written on the bottom of the camera and hit Connect

You should be able to connect to your Veo Cam now.


👉🏻 Please note that you will not be able to receive iMessages and FaceTime calls when connected to the camera since you will not have access to the internet. To use your phone normally, simply exit the app and your phone will automatically connect to the previous internet connection.


Whenever you reopen the app, the Veo Cam 1 will ask you to reconnect.

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