How to do a battery test on a Veo Cam 1



This article shows you how to perform a battery test on your Veo Cam 1.



If your Veo Cam 1 is experiencing issues with the battery, the best thing to do is to conduct a battery test. This will help us better diagnose what may be causing the problem.

To do the test, try the following steps:

  1. Charge the battery (the light that indicates power status will show a steady green as above when the battery is fully charged).
  2. Unplug the camera from the charger.
  3. Connect to your Veo Cam and start recording. Let your battery drain to the point where the camera automatically powers off.
  4. The battery works well if the camera can record between 4–5 hours. If the video isn’t relevant to you, you can simply delete it from after the test is complete.
  5. If your camera shows a red light even after fully charged, can’t hold a charge, or the video comes shorter than expected, please contact our Support team for assistance.


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