How to update your Veo Cam 1 software version



This article shows you how to update the software version of your Veo Cam 1.

To update the software, you will need your Veo Cam and your ethernet cable to connect the camera to the internet.


Our engineers are constantly working to improve our products and your Veo experience. Software updates are sent to your Veo Cam regularly to ensure flawless performance by including improvements and bug fixes.


When we deploy a software update for your camera, it will be updated the next time your Veo Cam is connected to the internet via the ethernet cable.


Installing the software update

Turn on the camera

  • Connect the camera to power
  • Connect the camera to the internet with the ethernet cable for at least 30 minutes to trigger the installation.
  • The white status light will start blinking, letting you know the camera’s software is being updated.

How to verify if the update went through successfully

Connect to your camera as you would normally do to record. Then go to the Camera Settings page. You can see this on the iOS app, Android app, and web app at


At the bottom of the page, you will find the new software version next to the camera’s serial number.



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