Record with the iOS Veo Camera app and your Veo Cam 1



This article will walk you through how to record your matches with our iOS Veo Camera app and your Veo Cam 1.



In order to record with the iOS Veo Camera app, follow the next steps:

1 - First of all, you'll need to connect your camera to the Camera App.


2 - Once connected, you will see a preview of what the camera is capturing – turn your phone horizontally for an enlarged view:


When using the iOS Veo Camera app to record you will have the option to adjust the exposure level.

Simply click on the little arrow, from here you can slide the menu to either make the recording “lighter” or “darker”. If you want to cancel any manual changes to the exposure simply move the marker back to the middle point of the scale (0.0).





3 - To start recording, simply click on the red record button. If you haven't already, we highly recommend having a look at these tips for setting up for recording first.

4 - Once the recording has been started, you are free to disconnect and enjoy the game.


5 - When the game is finished, simply reconnect to the camera via the Camera app and press the red button once again to stop the recording.


6 - The recording will now be saved as a timestamp in your recordings list.


7 - Next up is to upload the recording to the Veo platform.

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