Register your Veo Cam 1



This article shows how you can register your new Veo Cam 1 on your Veo club.

You need a computer or smartphone and your new Veo Cam to make the registration. You also need to be a Club Admin to register the camera.


Once you receive your Veo Cam, follow these steps:


1. Turn on your Veo Cam.


2. Charge the Veo Cam. We recommend charging it for at least 4 hours before recording.


3. Connect your Veo Cam to the internet. Plug the provided ethernet cable into a wall socket or a router with an active internet connection as shown:


4. On your smartphone or computer, search and connect to the WiFi: VEOCAM-xxx


5. Find the password printed underneath the camera.'


6. In your browser, go to


7. Enter your login information, the same you used to activate your Veo account.


When you log in, your camera will be registered to your club and it’s ready for recording. All recordings will now automatically be uploaded to your club's page.


We highly recommend that you do a trial recording to get started.

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