Veo Cam 1 indicator lights



How to determine if your camera is updating, uploading, or charging by looking at the indicator lights.


This article shows you how to distinguish which action your camera is currently performing by looking at the indicator lights at the bottom of your Veo Cam 1.


Here’s what the different Veo Cam lights mean


🟢 ▷ TURNING ON – Once you turn on the Veo Cam and it’s starting, the green light will blink.

🟢 TURNED ON – When the Veo Cam is turned on, and ready for you to connect to it, the light will be solid green.

🔴 ▷ TURNING OFF – When you press the power button for some seconds to turn off the Veo Cam, the light will blink red.

🟢 ▷ RECORDING – Once you start recording*,* the light on the camera will blink green.

⚪️ CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET – When the Veo Cam is connected to the internet with the ethernet cable, you’ll see a solid white light.

⚪️ ▷ UPLOADING – Once the connection is secured, the upload will start. When the footage is uploading from the Veo Cam, the light will blink white.

⚪️ ▷ UPDATING – We regularly send out software updates to ensure optimal performance of the camera. When the cable is connected and the update is being installed, the light will blink white. Once the update is completed, the light will stop blinking.

🔴 CHARGING – When the camera is charging, the battery icon on the camera will show a red light:

🟢 FULLY CHARGED – When the battery is fully charged, the battery icon will show a green light:

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