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In this article, you will learn how to navigate on the Veo web app and what you can do here.


Start and finish the recording, check camera settings, and see the recordings list. You can access the Veo web app at



What can you do on the Veo camera web app?

On the home page of the app, you will see a preview of what the camera is capturing. From here, you can start and stop recording.

Additionally, you'll be able to check the camera settings (storage, battery level, internal temperature, and software version) and also monitor the upload status of your recordings.


Navigating the Veo camera web app

Navigate through the three pages (Home page, Camera settings & Recordings list) using the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

1. Home page

On this page, you can see a preview of what the camera is capturing. You can start and stop recording from here.



2. Camera settings

Click the bottom right icon to access this page. Here, you can see the following data about your camera:

  • Storage space
  • Battery level
  • Internal temperature
  • Software version (as shown below)



ℹ️ The “Format camera” function will delete all the recordings from the camera.

️👉 At 100% battery, the camera can record up to 5-6 hours of footage. An average 90 min match takes up approx. 14 GB. The storage data will automatically be deleted from the camera when the game has been successfully uploaded.


3. Recordings list

On this page, you can monitor the status of the upload of the recordings currently stored on your Veo Cam. You can start an upload, rename, or delete your recordings. Once each recording has been uploaded to the Veo platform, it will automatically be deleted from the camera's storage.





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