Add highlights, tag players, and write comments



This article shows you how to add your own highlights, tag players, and leave comments they can respond to.

To create your own highlights, you need to have Editor rights.


Veo Editor allows you to create your own highlights, involve your players and create a nice conversation about what they did great and where there is room for improvement.


To create your highlights on a video, follow the steps:


    1. Click on the + sign (Create highlight) on the side panel.




    2. Select a tag to assign to your highlight or create your own




    3. Select follow cam for regular highlights. By default, follow-cam highlights have a duration of 30 seconds, but they can go up to 3 minutes; you can easily adjust this by dragging the side handles of the highlight bar at the bottom




    4. Choose between your own team or opponent team


    5. If you wish, write a comment, and if you want to involve players, use @ and write their name to tag them, or click on Tag players +



    6. Select the highlight visibility.

      highlight visibility.png


    7. Save the highlight once you are happy with it. The newly created highlight will appear on the Highlight list in the side panel.


As you dive into the video, you will see the different event labels for easy location of your highlighted moments.

event tags on player.gif

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