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This article shows you how to easily share your Veo recordings on social media.

You will need to have admin or editor rights to have the option to share the match.



Veo offers you the option to share your matches in two simple ways: You can choose to share the recording on your social media, or you can get a link that you can send to anyone to enjoy the match.

👉🏻  Please note that the recordings must be set as Public when sharing the recording. Otherwise, viewers won’t be able to access the recording.


Here’s how to do it:

1. Log in to the Veo platform at

2. Choose the recording you wish to share

3. Click on the Share button above the video player


4. Now choose the option Share on social media




From here, the following window will pop up and you can choose whether you would like to export the recording to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or your email.

You also have the option to copy the link to share wherever you want.




When copying the link, you can select if you want the video to start at a specific timeframe by clicking on the box right below the link. This will show you the timeframe where you were when you clicked on share the recording.


Remember the video needs to be set as Public in order to have the option to be shared.


Note: When a recording is shared via link or to any social media, the receiver will not have the option to add any highlights or make any changes.

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