Update your Clubhouse Settings

Learn how to update your Clubhouse settings from your Veo account.


Requirements: To update the clubhouse settings, you need to be a Clubhouse admin.


To access the Clubhouse Settings page, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Veo account at app.veo.co.


  2. If you're part of more than one Clubhouse, make sure you're working on the correct one or change from the Clubhouse selector.
    Select Clubhouse.gif


  3. Find the option Clubhouse Settings on the left-side panel. Keep in mind that only Clubhouse Admins can see and access this page.
    Clubhouse Settings.png


  4. The Edit club page will open now.


From here you can change the Club's basic settings:

  • Common name.
  • Full name.
  • Short name.
  • Country.


You also have the option to change your Club's crest from here.

Edit Club page.png

When ready, don't forget to Save your changes.


At the bottom of the clubhouse settings page, you can also see a list of Clubhouse admins. This is really helpful for everyone in the Clubhouse to know who to contact in case of issues related to management and subscription.

Clubhouse admins list.png

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