How to edit Team settings.

In this article, you will learn how to edit a team's basic information from the Edit team page.

To change the Team settings, you need to be a Clubhouse admin or Team admin.



In the Team Edit page, you can tweak your team's basic info, crest, and header pic, or even delete the team if it's no longer necessary. Let's see how to get to the edit page.

  1. Log in to your Veo account at
  2. Click on the Teams tab and then choose the team you wish to change:

    select team.gif

  3. You'll be taken to the team page, and the Team settings button will appear next to the team's name. Click it to access the settings page:

    Team settings.png


From the Edit team page, you can change the following:


Basic settings

You can edit the following information:

    1. Team name.
    2. Team abbreviation, which is used for tags or to display in a scoreboard for example.
    3. Age group.
    4. Gender.

Team basic settings

Crest and header image

You can personalize your team and add your own crest and header image.

To do so, click on Choose image under each of them and select the image you want to add from your device.

team crest and header


The image will now be shown in the preview.


Once you are ready with the basic information changes and/or crest and header image changes, click on the Save button to make sure they apply.



Delete the team

If you need to delete a team, go to the bottom of the Edit team page.

1. Click on Proceed in the Delete team section:

Delete team

2. A window will then appear asking you to Confirm:

Delete team.png

After confirming, the team will be deleted from your Clubhouse. Any recording assigned to a team you delete, will show the option to assign to a team again.


Just a quick reminder, if you'd like to make changes on the team edit page, you'll need to have Clubhouse admin or team admin permissions.

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