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This article shows you how to add Veo Analytics to your current subscription.

To add Veo Analytics, you need a computer or a smartphone and access to your Veo account.



Take your analysis to the next level with AI-powered features, available with Veo Analytics.


The features are exclusively available for football (soccer) and are compatible with Veo Cam 1 and Veo Cam 2.


Veo Analytics includes: 2D map, scoreboard, momentum graph, heatmap, advanced match stats, shot map, pass strings, pass location and Analytics studio.


You can add Veo Analytics to your account with just a few clicks:

  1. Log in to your Veo account at
  2. Go to the left-sided menu bar and click on Veo Cams. Renew Veo Cams.png
  3. At the top, you will see the Get Veo Analytics button; click on it.

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  4. A new window will open, where you can place your order and learn more about Veo Analytics. Click the Buy Veo Analytics button and follow the steps to complete the purchase.



When purchasing Veo Analytics, you must get the subscription add-on for each of the cameras under your club. For example, if you have two Veo Cams, you will need to get two Veo Analytics add-ons.


Veo Analytics will be added to all your games recorded after the purchase of Veo Analytics.

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