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This article shows you everything you need to know about the roles and permissions of your clubhouse members.

Learn what Clubhouse Admins, Team Admins, Team Editors, and Team Contributors can see and do.



There are different roles on a Clubhouse level and on a team level


Clubhouse Level:

You will become the Clubhouse Admin when you first create a Veo clubhouse.

A clubhouse admin can see all the teams and access all the recordings in the clubhouse.

One Veo clubhouse can have multiple Clubhouse Admins.


You can see the list of Clubhouse admins by going to the Clubhouse Settings page in your account. Anyone who's part of the Clubhouse has access to this page. This is helpful for members to know who to go to in case of management or subscription issues.


You can't add or remove Clubhouse Admins on your end. Contact us to add or remove a Clubhouse Admin, and we will help you with your request.


Team level:

This refers to the role the members play within the team. The different team roles are:


Coach - the coach of the team.

Player - for all your team players, keep in mind this is the only role that can be tagged in highlights and create a Player Profile.

Other - can be used for parents, assistants, etc.


Team members will also have a permission set that decides what each member can do. These permissions are:


Team Admin: They can edit team members, match data and match details. They can create, edit, and download video content.


Team Editor: They can edit match data and match details. They can create, edit, and download video content.


Team Contributor: They can create, edit, and download video content. Note that clips created by a Team contributor are set by default to "Only me" visibility.


Here is a complete overview of the different permission settings:





Some actions in the table may be limited to your subscription plan. Learn more about what's included with your subscription plan here Veo subscription plans.


You can learn more on how to change member's roles and permissions by visiting this article: Manage team members.

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