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This article shows you how to invite team members.

To invite members to your teams, you need club admin rights.



In every team you create, you’ll see the Invite members button in the upper right corner of the Members tab. When you click on the button, you will get the following options:



Invite a team member through Add new member

This way of inviting members is suited for cases where you wish to invite one or a few team members – as the invitations will be made one by one for this method.

1. Choose Add new member from the drop-down menu:


2. You will now be taken to a page where you can fill in the team member’s basic information:


3. In the following sections, you can choose the role and permission you would like the team member to have:

4. Finish the invitation by clicking the Send invitation button.


Once you have sent the invitation, an activation email will be sent to the invited member. The team member then needs to accept the invitation through that email to join the team.


🤚🏻 The invited member can’t find the email?

Sometimes, the activation emails can end up in the spam email folder. Please try looking for it here.


Invite a team member through the Invitation link

Inviting team members through a link is perfect for when you have just created a new team and wish to invite a full team of players, coaches, or others. This way, you avoid filling in the information for each player.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Choose Create invitation link from the drop-down menu:


2. Choose which team- and permission role you would like the invited members to have and click on the Generate link button:ærmbillede+2020-09-22+kl.+13.29.36.png

3. Copy the generated invitation link:ærmbillede+2020-09-22+kl.+13.45.07.png

All done! You can now send the invitation link to whomever you wish to join the team.

If the invited members have already signed up with Veo, they will simply become part of this new team. If they aren’t already a Veo user, they will first be asked to register and then become part of the team.


Please note: the invitation link expires after seven days. When the link has expired, you can create a new one.


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