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This article shows you how to invite team members to your team.


To invite members to your teams, you need to be a Clubhouse admin or have Admin rights in the team.


In every team you create, you’ll see the + Invite members button in the upper right corner of the Members tab.

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When you click on the button, you will get the following options:


Invite members via email: 

This is perfect for when you need to invite one or just a few members. Add their email address, add more if necessary, select the role they will have, and send the invites.

Once you have sent the invitation, an activation email will be sent to the invited member. The team member then needs to accept the invitation to join the team.


🤚🏻 Is the invited member having issues finding the invitation email?

Sometimes, the invitation emails can end up in the spam folder. Please ask them to try looking for it there.


Invite members via link:

Inviting team members via link is perfect for when you have just created a new team and wish to invite a full team of players, coaches, or others. Just select the permission they will have within the team and then copy the link. You can share it with anyone you want to add to the team. Using one link for everyone saves you a lot of time as you don't have to fill in the information for each member.


Keep in mind that you can invite a max of 30 members per team. And the number of teams you can have depends on your clubhouse's subscription plan. You can learn more here Veo subscription plans.


Please note:

The invitation link expires after seven days. When the link has expired, you can create a new one.


See the invitation status

As the inviter, you can have a good overview of who has accepted the invitation and who hasn't. When an invited team member accepts the invitation, you will get a confirmation email. You can also keep track of the status of the invitations from the members list.

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