Get started with The Veo platform

In this article, we show you how to access your Veo account and provide you with an overview of what you will find on the platform.


How to access your Veo account

To access your Veo account, head over to


You can access your Veo account from a computer or a mobile phone.


Platform navigation

Once logged in, you will be taken to the Clubhouse homepage.



Side navigation panel

This is a collapsible panel located on the left side of your screen. It contains the following features:




  • Clubhouse selector: If you are part of more than 1 Clubhouse, you will have the option to switch between the different clubhouses.



  • Recordings: All recordings assigned to your team will be displayed here. If you are a Clubhouse Admin, you will see the recordings from all the Clubhouses' teams.


  • Teams: All the teams you are part of will be displayed here. If you are a Clubhouse Admin, you will see all the teams within the clubhouse. Select a team, and you will see the recordings, members, and Analytics Studio - if you have the Veo Analytics subscription add-on.


  • Veo Cams: All cameras registered to your clubhouse will be displayed here. This view is displayed only to members with Admin roles.


  • Player Profile: This option gives access to the Player Profile. This feature is available only for members with a player role. You can learn more about the Player Profile here


  • Mentions: Every time you are tagged in a highlight, it will be shown here. This is available for members with player roles only.


  • League Exchange: If your Clubhouse is part of a League Exchange; you will be able to access it from here.


  • Clubhouse settings: This option is available for Club admins only. Here you, as an Admin, can edit the Clubhouse's basic information and the crest.


  • Support: Visit our Help Center or get in touch with the Support team.



At the top of your screen, you will find the header, which contains the following:




  • Profile avatar: From here, you can see the name and email on the account, account settings, language selector, and the option to log out from your Veo account.


To open the Veo Editor and watch your recordings, simply select the recording you want to watch and it will automatically take you to the Editor. Learn more about the Veo Editor by visiting this link Basics of Veo Editor video player

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