Missing activation email



Do you want to create your Veo account but are having issues finding the activation email?


This article will show you the most common reasons for a missing activation email.



There could be a couple of reasons why you haven’t received your activation email:

  • The activation email is sent to the email address you used to place the Veo order. Make sure you are checking the same email address.

  • Sometimes, the activation email can end up in the spam folder, check this folder and look for service@veo.co as the sender.

  • The activation email is sent to you only once we have shipped your entire Veo order. If the Veo Cam is shipped, but the tripod is still pending, the activation email will not be sent yet.

  • You didn’t purchase a Veo subscription with your Veo Cam. In order to get an activation email, you need to purchase a subscription plan. Please contact your Sales agent or visit the Veo Shop to select the best plan for you.

  • You’re a Club Admin; if you already have an active account and are a Club Admin, you will not receive an activation email. You can simply log in with your current details.

Still having issues? Please contact our Support team for further assistance. Have your email address and order number ready.

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