How to control Producer Panel when streaming to external platforms.

In this article, you will find information about how to control the Producer Panel to add scores and start/stop the clock whenever you are streaming to external platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, etc.


Step 1: Accessing the Producer Panel

If you are the one who started the live stream on the Veo Camera app, you can access the Producer Panel via the link where it says Keep score and time at the bottom of the stream view in the Veo Camera App.

Access Producer Panel.png

Other users can access the Producer Panel by going to

Step 2: Log in to Producer Panel

Now, you need to log in to the Producer Panel.

A login is required to make sure that only members of the clubs can control the Producer Panel (please note that only users with the permission Team Editor, Team admin or Clubhouse admin can change the timer and the scoreboard).

Login to producer panel.jpeg

When logging in to the Producer Panel for the first time, you must also give permission for the account to add the scoreboard and timer to the livestream by clicking on Authorize.

authorize producer panel.png

Step 3: Control the Producer Panel

After logging in to the Producer Panel on, a list of all current external live streams will appear. Click Control on the live stream where you want to add the scoreboard and timer.

control producer panel.png


To activate the scoreboard and timer, click on start in the middle of the screen.

activate scoreboard and timer.png


Once the timer starts, the scoreboard and timer will be shown on the live stream, and the timer will begin counting (with approximately a one-minute delay).

To control the timer, you can either pause it (e.g., during half time)

To control the scoreboard click on “-” or “+” next to home and away team.

Producer panel started.png


To stop the scoreboard and timer, click on End timer.

game ended.png


Although the scoreboard has stopped updating, the stream will continue until the user stops it in the Veo Camera App.

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