How to use the Match Events.

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Please note

Available sports: Soccer/football only.

Users: Only Editors and above can edit match data. All team members can see the data.


There is a new item in the right-hand menu: New Event. It shows all the events detected by Veo AI in chronological order.

You can also add events manually, and there are two ways of doing it. You could do this via the quick create flow, or the Events menu flow.


Adding an event through quick create:

  1. Click the plus sign in the menu.

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  2. Click New Event; this will open the event selection.

    Event selection.png

  3. Following the example, once goal is selected, the event is now created and can be found in the Events menu.

    Event created.png


Adding an event through the events menu:

  1. Open the Events menu on the side panel.

    Events menu.png

  2. Press New event, this will bring up the creation modal, as before.

    Event modal.png

  3. Choose the event type and it will be created immediately.

    Event created.png

You can switch the team and adjust the timestamp of the event.


Create a Clip from the Events list

You can add a clip to your events. For this hover over the event you want to work with and select the cam icon.


Filter Events

You can filter events by type, team, player, and period. Click on the 3 dots at the top of the menu.


Edit the Shotmap

If you use Veo Analytics and you add an event, you can go to the Shotmap and assign a location for this event.


Previously, you would create or edit highlights/clips to affect match data. Now, you will create or edit events to affect match data. This change only affects videos uploaded after Match Events is released. For older videos, you will still use highlights to affect the match data.

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