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Please note

Available sports: Soccer/football only.

Users: Only Editors and above can edit match data. All team members can see the data.


Managing your match data in Veo just got much easier!

The Veo Editor has a wide range of tools and features that are heavily used. For example, more than three hundred thousand clips are created by users like you every single month.

You have also (rightfully!) been asking for improvements. An Editor that is simpler. Smarter. More capable. To make those kinds of improvements, we realized that we would first have to change some of the foundational elements of the Veo Editor. Elements like:

  • Veo automatically generating hundreds of thousands of clips of goal kicks, freekicks, and corners that people don't use. This leads to increased video storage costs and a cluttered user interface.
  • Highlights being dual usage: for education and sharing and for managing stats and analytics features. Trying to be both-in-one resulted in a sub-optimal clip experience and a sub-optimal analytics experience.
  • Being unable to edit AI analytics results, such as the shot map.


The first major change is now ready to share with you: Events.

We think it will open the door to many more improvements.

What are Events?

Soccer/football match events such as goals, shots (previously ‘shots on goal’), corners, free kicks, period starts/ends, penalties, and goal kicks are detected by Veo AI, for more efficient video navigation.

Fewer clicks for critical data

You can easily and quickly add missing goals or other critical events. You can also filter them by type, team, player, and period.

Better recording of the facts

A player can be assigned to an event as the person who did it. (Coming soon: You can also say who got the assist.)

Less clutter in clips

Clips no longer affect your match stats and data - use events for that. Use clips to create shareable and teachable moments. Veo will automatically generate and render clips of shots and goals, to get you started.

Improved Veo Analytics

Analytics customers can now enjoy a fully editable shot map. Adding location data to events means you can now move shots around as you like! If you see a shot in the wrong position, drag it to the correct place. In addition, assigning players to events will help populate the soon-to-be-released Player Data feature in the Analytics Studio.


Previously, you would create or edit highlights/clips to affect match data. Now, you will create or edit events to affect match data. This change only affects videos uploaded after Match Events is released. For older videos, you will still use highlights to affect the match data.


Now that you learned about the Events feed, check how to use it here: How to use the Events feed.



When will other sports have an Event Feed?

We currently expect to provide an events feed for rugby in 2024. At the moment, there are no plans to prioritize this feature for other sports in 2024.

Who can edit the events?
Only Editors and Admins can edit match data. All team members can see the data.
Why should I assign players to events?
Assigning players to events helps us to display player stats in the platform, for example in the Analytics Studio. It also helps to record exactly who did what in the match.
Veo AI missed a goal for my team - what should I do?
Find the right moment in the video and simply add a Goal event - don’t forget to assign it to the correct team.
Can I still make my clips as usual?
Yes, no change there except that now, for Analytics customers, creating clips has no effect on your stats table - use events for that.
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