How to install your SIM Card into the Veo Cam 3.

You can follow this guide to properly insert a sim card to your cam and be ready to livestream.

  1. Open the SIM card tray on your Veo Cam 3 5G by pulling it out.

  2. Insert the SIM card as shown in the picture.

    insert sim VC3.png

  3. Now, push the tray back in. Make sure it is fully in, with the outer edge of the tray aligned with the camera.

    ✅ Properly inserted.
    Sim tray properly inserted.png

    ❌ Incorrectly inserted, should be pushed in a bit more.
    Incorrectly inserted

  4. To make sure you inserted the SIM card and tray correctly, you should be able to see the wording SIM CARD in the tray right side up.

Keep in mind

only Veo Cam 3 5G can be used with a SIM card. If you got Veo Cam 3, you will see the wording NO SIM CARD in the back.

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