About our new mount and quick release.

For Veo Cam 3 and our own Veo Carbon fiber tripod, we have optimized the release plate attached to the cam to fit as many mounts as possible in the market and the new mount to fit as many release plates as possible. We did it to satisfy more of our customers' wishes for compatibility, as opposed to providing an ultra-snug fitting mount to any of the tripods specifically.


Follow these steps to use and mount the Veo Cam:

  1. Carry your equipment to the pitch. If you need to carry your Veo Cam 3 to the field and run out of hands, use the softshell case with the shoulder strap for the camera— avoid carrying the camera mounted on the tripod.
  2. Place your tripod at the desired spot of use. Ensure it is leveled.
  3. Attach your camera to the tripod with the lever on the mount pointed toward the back of the camera.


  4. Turn your camera on.
  5. Raise your tripod.
  6. Start your recording/live stream.

We highly recommend following these steps to ensure the safest and most optimal experience using Veo. We also recommend using our wind kit and plugs in windy conditions to ensure the tripod won't fall over.


What has changed?

There was an added lock mechanism in our previous mount versions, which we have chosen to remove in the new version. The feedback was that the lock mechanism was difficult to understand and operate, and it does not provide added fastening in our use case - it's purpose is to lock the lever in position to prevent objects from hitting the lever and release the fastening (like from kids, balls, etc.). Our tripod stands tall at 5-7 meters, so there's hardly anything getting close enough to mess with the lever during recording.


The new mount design also has a spirit leveler to ensure a correct setup of your mounting solution before the elevation of the tripod or mounting of the camera on the Veo Stadium Mount.


Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 13.48.10.png


Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 13.48.31.png

We at Veo are confident that this new setup will empower our customers to utilize Veo across a broader range of setups without sacrificing the quality and safety of our product.

Best practices

  • Ensure that you properly attach the camera by aligning the back of the camera with the lever.
  • Avoid mounting the camera and then carrying the tripod around. We recommend setting the tripod in place at your desired spot and attaching the camera afterward. You can learn more about setting up the tripod here About Veo Carbon Fiber Tripods.
  • Always use the wind kit and plugs, in windy conditions to ensure the tripod won't fall over.
  • Use the spirit level on the mount to ensure the correct setup before elevating the tripod.
    Spirit level.png
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