Important update to our storage policy ♻️

At Veo, we're all about getting better every day. That includes doing our part to shrink our carbon footprint to align with our commitment to sustainability and reduction of our environmental impact.

To achieve this, we're making an important update to our storage policy.


What's changing?

With our new storage policy, your game recordings will be stored according to the retention policy for your subscription plan. 

That means if you have either a Family, Team, Club, Club+, or Enterprise subscription, your recordings will be stored for 12 months before being deleted from Veo. If you have a Starter subscription, we’ll store your game recordings for six months.

When do the changes happen?

We’re introducing the policy from May 1, 2024. As we’re gradually implementing the new workflow for our customers, it won’t immediately affect everyone. You will be able to see in your Veo Clubhouse when each recording is nearing its expiration date.

Your saved highlights won’t be deleted

Your saved highlights won’t be erased. It means your greatest moments will still be available on your games and Player Profiles – as long as you’ve created a highlight or saved the AI-generated highlights.

Read more about creating highlights

Read more about saving AI highlights

Starting from May 1st, you’ll be able to see when your recording’s expiration date is nearing. You’ll also be able to filter to see recordings where the full recordings will soon expire. If your game has expired, you can still download the saved highlights both from the recordings list, or from the editor.


Why do we make this change?

We found that less than 1% of the game recordings are accessed after six months. At the same time, less than 1% of our users access these games.

In other words, we store a considerable amount of data that very few access, if anyone. By optimizing our storage, we can minimize our carbon footprint, which aligns with our commitment to sustainability and reduction of our environmental impact.

What you need to do

You’re not required to take any action. If you want to keep your full game recordings and you have Family, Team, Club, Club+, or Enterprise subscriptions, you can save your games by downloading them to your own device before they expire. When your Veo Clubhouse transitions to the new storage policy, you’ll have 30 days to download any game past its expiration date.

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What if I need to store games for longer?

We’re working on a subscription plan that will allow for extended retention of your full recordings, which will be a premium fee depending on your base plan. We won’t be able to offer this plan in the immediate future, so in the meantime, we suggest that you download the games you want to keep.

Can I bulk-download all my games?
No, you can’t bulk download your games.
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