About Lineup and Formation.

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This article introduces you to Lineup and Formation and how to add them to your team's recordings.

Note: Only a team member or club admin can view/edit the information in the lineup and formation.


What is it?

Lineup and formation are crucial in determining your team's style of play, tactical approach, and overall success in games. As a coach, you can analyze and adjust these elements to optimize your team's performance and exploit your opponent's weaknesses.

Now, you can record your starting lineup and the formation your team started.


How to do it

To add your Lineup and Formation to a recording, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Lineup option on the side menu for desktop or at the bottom for mobile.


    Lineup option.png


  2. Choose your team's formation.


    Choose formation.png

  3. Click on each of the positions to enter the players' details. Click to add player, select from the list, or Invite a team member if they are still not part of the team. Confirm their position and give them a jersey number.


    Click on position.pnglineup player details.png


  4. You can also add your team's substitutes.


    Add subsctitutes.png

  5. Select who the starting captain was.


    Select captain.png

When you complete a lineup position, it should look something like this:


If you select a player in the Lineup, a card with their information will open; here you can see their details, picture and a link to their Player Profile (if they have created one) and the option to remove them from the lineup.



Is this feature available for all sports?

The lineup and Formation feature is available for football/soccer matches only.

Do you automatically detect when a substitution is made?
That is not currently possible.
Can I save a lineup for the next video so I don’t have to enter it again?
This is not possible now, but we can see how this would be useful to many of our customers.
Can I make my own custom formation?
It's not possible to move the dots around to a custom layout, but you can select the item 'custom' from the dropdown selector. However, keep in mind this will also mean that you won't be able to enter your lineup. It is something we hope to improve in the near future.
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