Looking for a Specific Match Recording?

Did you or someone you know play an incredible game, and now you're eager to relive those unforgettable moments?

If you're seeking a match recording in the Veo Help Center, we're afraid you won't find it here. However, here’s how you can easily access your desired match recording:


How to Find a Match Recording:

  1. Log into Your Veo Account:

    • Your coach has likely already uploaded the recording to the Veo platform and assigned it to your team or the team you're interested in.
  2. Direct Link:

    • If you have a link to the match, paste it directly into your internet browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). This will take you straight to the match recording.
  3. Opponent Team Recordings:

By following these steps, you should be able to access and enjoy your match recordings with ease.

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