How to upload a recording to your Clubhouse from your Veo Cam 3.

This is how you upload your recordings from the Veo Cam 3 to your Veo Clubhouse to analyze and share with the team.


Your Veo Cam 3 will automatically start uploading stored recordings as soon as it's connected to the internet.


Connectivity Options

To ensure a smooth process, you have two options:

    1. WiFi: you can go wireless and connect the Veo Cam 3 to the internet via WiFi. Here's how How to connect your Veo Cam 3 to WiFi. You only need to connect to a WiFi once, then it will be saved and remembered by the camera.


      The camera will never upload a video using a SIM card connection, so if your Veo Cam 3 5G has a SIM card inside, take it out before uploading while connected to a WiFi network. Doing this can prevent uploading problems.


    2. Ethernet cable: you can go the more traditional way and connect your camera to the internet using an ethernet cable and a done adaptor. Keep in mind these are not included with your camera.


Track your upload

If you want to track the progress of your upload, you can do so by connecting to the Veo Camera app and accessing the Library. Learn how to here Access the Veo Camera app Library.

In the Library you will find the uploading recording under On Camera. You might need to refresh the page by swiping down.


When the camera is uploading, the first and second status lights on the back of the camera will blink, letting you know everything is going well.


Good to know:

If your camera is already connected to the internet through WiFi, and you are recording more than one game, the upload will be paused while recordings are ongoing and resume when you're finished recording.

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