How to live stream with Veo Cam 3.

This article shows you how to live-stream with Veo Cam 3 using a nano SIM card or a WiFi connection.


Before digging into how to live-stream with Veo Cam 3, go over this checklist to make sure you have everything you need for a successful live-streaming session.



  • Your Veo Cam 3 is registered to your Veo Clubhouse.
  • You have purchased the Live-Streaming add-on with your Veo Subscription.
  • You have the Veo Camera app installed on your smartphone or tablet. You can find it on the App Store and the Play Store.
  • You have ensured access to good, stable, and fast upload internet speed.

Internet options

It is possible to connect your new Veo Cam to the internet in the following ways:

WiFi Network

You have the option to connect your Veo Cam to a WiFi network, by following the instructions on this article How to connect your Veo Cam 3 to WiFi. You can also use for example a phone as a hotspot to connect your Veo Cam.

5G sim card (only available for Veo Cam 3 5G)

You will find the SIM card slot in the back of the Veo Cam 3 5G. Before inserting the SIM card into the camera, make sure it's activated, and that it has no PIN. Talk to your data provider if in doubt.

Live-streaming your games requires an upload speed of at least 6 to 7 Mbps, and you need 7GB of data per match (110-minute game), so take that into consideration when getting a data plan.

Check this list with internet providers that other users have utilized with Veo Cam 2 Data providers and SIM cards for Veo Cam.


How to do it

Once connected to the internet, follow these steps to start a live stream.

  1. Attach the Veo Cam 3 to the tripod. Position the tripod along the centerline, about 3-5 meters from the sideline, with the sun on the back of the camera. Now raise it to the max height.
  2. Connect to your camera through the Veo Camera app.
  3. Once connected, check that the camera has internet access. Tap on the arrow to see the details; you should see Camera Connection: 4G, 5G, or WiFi, depending on the kind of connection you're using.
    camera details vc3.png
  4. When ready, tap on Go Live.
  5. Confirm match details and tap on Next.
    Match details live.png
  6. In this step, you can select the destination for your Live stream. Please visit this article About External Streaming Destinations to learn about external destinations and how to set it up. Once you select where your match will be streamed, tap on Next.
    External destinations.png
  7. Now you will see a checklist. In most cases, AI will automatically select the corners of the pitch. In case you need to select the corners, check the following article that best explains to you how to do it Corner selection. If everything is correct, swipe to go Live.
    live checklist.png

To finish a Live stream, just tap on Stop Livestreaming and confirm you want to end it.

stop live.png

When you Live-stream, the Veo Cam also records the match so you can upload it to your Clubhouse afterward. Assign all match details and save.

Add recording details.png


Good to know:

For a smooth live streaming experience, if you are using a phone as a hotspot, we recommend you keep the phone as close as possible to the camera during the match; this ensures stable internet access for uninterrupted live streaming.

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