About External Streaming Destinations

In this article, you will find information about Streaming destinations and how to live stream to an external destination.


Note: You must have an active live-streaming subscription add-on to access Streaming Destinations.


You can now find the option to add streaming destinations under Veo Live. This means that you can stream to a destination other than the Veo Live app.


How to access the page

To find the Stream Destinations page, log in to your Veo account at app.veo.co, go to the left-side menu and select the Veo Live option.

Access stream destinations.png

In there, you will see the Veo Live destination, Social Media destinations, and the option to set up your custom destination.


How to set a custom destination up.

  1. Add a name for your custom destination.
  2. Enter the RTMP endpoint URL. This is usually provided by the streaming platform you want to connect to.
  3. Enter the stream key. This is also usually provided by the streaming platform you want to connect to.

set up destination.png


Setting a destination as default.

You can decide to set a destination as default. You can change this at any moment.


set as default.png


This will make the destination appear as the first option on the list of stream destinations in the Veo Camera app upon starting a live stream. You will need to provide the Endpoint URL and the Stream key to complete the connection.


Select destination on app.png




Can I livestream on Social Media?

Yes 🚀. It's now possible to send your live streams to YouTube, Facebook, X, and Twitch.

Important note

When you stream to Socials, you, as a user, accept the responsibility of being a data controller, so you need to say "I understand" when setting up the Live stream on the app. We might ask you this every now and then, to make sure you don't accidentally break data protection laws.

Can I live-stream to multiple destinations at a time?
No, you can only send your live stream to one destination at the same time.
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