About Veo Live Stream Diagnostics

Did you experience issues with your live stream, but are you unsure of what went wrong?


Our Streams Diagnostics page will help you self-diagnose issues you might experience with live-streamed matches.



You must have an active live-streaming subscription add/on to access Stream Diagnostics.


To find the Streams diagnostics page, log in to your veo account at app.veo.co, go to the left-side menu and select the Veo Live option.

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Streams Diagnostics provides you with information from finished streams, including upload speed throughout the match, how many disconnects (if any), and even what incidents could be the cause of disconnects.


Streams Diagnostics will provide you with the following information:

General information about the live stream

  • Match's title.
  • Camera firmware version.
  • Camera serial number.
  • The internet connection used for the live stream.
  • How many disconnects were experienced during the live stream.
  • The average internet upload speed during the whole match.
  • How many days before the live stream is archived.
  • Status of the live stream.


Upload speed

The graph shows you the speed of your internet connection during the match. You can see the acceptable upload speed and compare how your connection performed. 



This is the status of the live stream.



If there were any incidents during the live stream, here you will see what happened and when.

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