How to tag yourself in the highlights on your Player Profile.

In this article, you will learn how to tag yourself in the highlights on your Player Profile, so that recruiters and viewers can easily spot you.


Requirements: Player Profile is available for users with a player role only.


To tag yourself in a highlight you must first go to the Player Profile “Highlights Page” and select the highlight you want to tag yourself in:

Profile highlights.png


Next, wait for the moment in in the highlight you want the tag to be shown and click the option Tag yourself.

Highligh moment tag yourself.png


The AI will now detect the Players on the pitch. To create the tag simply click on yourself.

The AI will automatically adjust the size of the circle and the name tage according to your height. Once you are satisfied click on the green checkmark to save the tag.

tag yourself.png


On a mobile device you might need to use the slider on top to pan around the pitch to find yourself.

pan around tag yourself.jpeg


If the AI hasn’t detected you probably you can create a tag manually by clicking Add manually.

add manually tag yourself.png


When you click on Add manually, a square will appear. Use the button to move and adjust the size of the square to fit your size in the video.

add manually process tag yourself.png


And that’s it! Once you’ve added the highlight to an Ability it will now be shown on your Player Profile.

tag yourself result.png

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