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Learn about Overlays and how to use the feature on your matches in Veo Live.


With Overlays, you can upload images and display them on your Live matches in Veo Live.

This is perfect for promoting Club events, displaying information about the match, include the Club's logo or a crest, and more. But also, it is a great opportunity to promote Club's sponsors.


You can create overlay packages in your Clubhouse to display on your matches on the Veo Live app.

The overlays can be added to Live matches and on-demand matches (previously live matches)




Step 1: Add an overlay package to your Veo Clubhouse.

To add a package to your Clubhouse, you need to be a Clubhouse Admin. If you are, follow these steps to do it:

  1. Go to your Veo account at app.veo.co.
  2. On the left side panel, look for the option Veo Live.
    Add overlays.png
  3. Go to the Overlays tab and click on Create new package +. Here you create a name for the package and upload images for the upper right image and the lower banner.
    Add overlays images.png
  4. Now click on Create.
  5. Once the package has been created, activate it to start using it on your streams in the Veo Live app. You can create multiple overlay packages, but only one package can be active at a time.
    Activate overlay package.png


Step 2: Add the overlays to your streams on the Live app.

After you have activated the overlay package in your Clubhouse, it can be used in the Veo Live app. This is done through the Producer Panel. Now grab your mobile and follow these steps:

  1. Open the Veo Live app on your mobile device.
  2. Find and open the stream you want to add the overlays to. This can be done with Live matches and on previously Live matches, so on-demand.
  3. On the Producer Panel- in the upper right corner of the screen- select the option Overlays.
    Producer Panel overlays.png
  4. You will see the option to activate the upper right image and the lower banner. They can be activated separately.
    Open overlays menu.png
    When Overlays are turned on, everyone watching the live match will see them, and they also get "stamped" in the match for everyone watching on demand.
  5. To hide the overlays again, just tap on them to deactivate them on the Producer Panel.
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