How to unregister a Veo Cam from your Clubhouse

This article shows you how to unregister a Veo Cam if you want to move it to a different Clubhouse.


If you want to register a Veo Cam to a different Clubhouse, you need first to unregister it from the Clubhouse it’s currently registered to.


To unregister the camera, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Veo account at
  2. On the left side panel, go to Veo Cams. Keep in mind that only Clubhouse Admins have the option to access this page and unregister a camera.
  3. Find the camera you wish to unregister and click on Unregister Veo Cam.
    Unregister camera.png

Your Veo Cam is now unregistered, and you can register it to a new Clubhouse. Visit this article about Registering your Veo Cam to your Clubhouse.


Note that when you register a camera to a Clubhouse, it’s locked for 30 days to that Clubhouse, so if the Unregister Veo Cam button is inactive, it means that most likely it’s still locked to the selected Clubhouse, and you need to wait to unregister it.

Camera locked.png

Be aware of this also when selecting the Clubhouse to register the camera. Make sure you are selecting the correct Clubhouse to avoid any problems.


Keep in mind

1. When you unregister the camera, your subscription will continue to run in your Clubhouse, so you don't lose access to your recordings.

2. A subscription can't be moved from one Clubhouse to another; you need to purchase a subscription for the new Clubhouse where you want to register the camera to.

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