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Around the World is a new section on the main page of our Live app that allows us to showcase live matches from all around the world to you.


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Around the world will contain matches that are currently live, but you might find recently finished matches as well.


With this feature, you will be able to see great content and maybe even discover some features you hadn't seen before in the Live app that you could use too!


What matches will be featured in the Around the World section?
Matches from Public clubs that have been live for at least five minutes, with no disconnects, and that have at least one goal. Matches included should also have properly selected corners and be on an 11-a-side pitch.
Do I need to follow new clubs to see matches from Around the World?
No, you can watch these matches without having to follow the clubs.
What if I don't want my matches to be included in the Around the World section?
If you don't want your club's matches to be displayed in the Around the World section, you can set your Club status to Private or Unlisted in the Live app.
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